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Low Tox Home

Low Tox changes Room by Room

BEDROOM-  Things you can do to turn your bedroom into a healthy, safe place to rest and restore. DECLUTTER ELECTRONICS- Remove ALL electronics. TV, Digital radio, IPhone chargers, Laptops, printers, computers,  Ipads, cordless phones (SO BAD) , electric blankets, light emitting devices. They have been shown to emit high levels of AC magnetic field and/or …

Low Tox Home

Starting a low tox home – What Ingredients do you need

Immediate action. “Today I am overhauling my Kitchen and laundry” [See below for stockists] Essential oils – Ensure they are pure, Therapeutic grade. Castile soap Bi Carb Soda Lectric Soda Citric Acid Either Onguard cleaner concentrate or Sal Suds- Dr Bonners Fine Salt White vinegar Citrus peels- Save them! Freeze them until you’re ready to …


Do you clean your dishwasher? You should and here is how

Do you clean the cleaners? It is so important to regularly clean your dishwasher as the filters can become very congested and this is just being swooshed around your machine every time you use it causing your dishes not to be cleaned thoroughly. When swapping to a low tox alternative, cleaning the filters is even …