“We all grow in different ways


I never dreamed my life would turn down this path, but then again I never thought a lot of things.

I grew up in northern NSW, I met my husband when I was 19  after I moved interstate to Melbourne. I stated off my career in Residential Property Management and gained my full Real Estate license in 2009 when we also married and purchased our first home.

It wasn’t until 2010, when falling pregnant didn’t quite happen like the movies, that I really took a good look into my lifestyle choices. I took a deeper look into the food I was eating, products I was using, exercise and really trying hard to become the best version of myself.  After almost three years, several complications and pregnancy losses, I fell pregnant and stayed pregnant which absolutely heightened my awareness of what I was using on my body. I read about a lot products that you use on your skin being absorbed into the baby and my concern to turn to “better products” began. I started buying organic and greener choices from the supermarket because they were better for me or so I thought at the time.

In a life shattering moment, sadly our baby boy died at 6 weeks of age. His name is Alexander. He is a pivotal inspiration for how I live my life.

6 months later I fell pregnant without issues with our rainbow baby Harvey and I could finally do what I was born to do and that was to mother a child here on earth. I have now also received the blessing of a little girl, Emily.

I was inspired to delve into the world of Essential oils in 2019 after already making some big changes in our household with regards to recycling, reusing, minimising, making some of my own products. Ultimately opening my eyes and seeing the possibilities on where I could go with this was endless.

Grief changed my perspective on ALOT of things and moved me away from mainstream media influences and invariably opened me up to start questioning things a lot more.  Instagram allowed me to find so many likeminded people who loved what I love and I found a lot of inspiration through these similar connections.

I felt as though I lacked the confidence to peruse anything further and this was holding me back in my ability to share what I know. I received the gentle little push in the right direction, exactly what I needed.

My strong desire to research and delve deeper, has put me in touch with some inspiring books, documentaries, people and skills to help me decode labels and decipher exactly what is in our products and explain it in such a way that everyday people can read and understand. Even when products are listed as organic, Natural, good for the earth or green, generally it’s a lot of clever marketing and greenwashing that tricks us into believing it is better for us.

I started to change my products room by room. I started with the products going onto my kids skin which I though was “organic” and safe, when in fact still contained preservatives, fragrance, endocrine disrupters, neurotoxins, respiratory toxins, reproductive toxicity and often only one or no organic ingredients at all.

It takes time and dedication to make change. I am still changing years later. I’m still researching and investigating and finding out things that absolutely blow my mind. The fun part is I love it! Despite this page being a relatively new venture,  I feel so incredibly passionate to educate people,  specifically mothers who mostly control what comes into their homes, to help them make different choices in creating a healthy home for their families by removing potentially toxic and harmful chemicals. We should all know this information to make better choices.

I’m doing all the hard work for you by looking into labels and telling you what they really mean. I also share my recipes for DIY lox tox alternatives, information on how to reduce your household waste and where to dispose of things, concerns with 5G, electromagnetic radiation, mobile phone towers,  organic and bio dynamic produce, recipes and tips and tricks I find along the way, like how to fold a fitted sheet. I also share some cooking and life as a Mum of my two children earth side.

From time to time I will also share information of child loss and my ever changing journey with grief. It’s a mixed package here, all entwined into one. So thankful to have you interested in a.glimpse.of. aMELia 🙌🏻