Low Tox Family

My recommended brands for babies

My top recommended brands for what to buy when having a baby:


Luv me panda




Comfy Koala

Best Supermarket option –

Tooshies by Tom

Rascal and friends look for the Eco brand if available as it’s lower tox 

Baby love beyond range

Nappy bags- Biotough, Whitemagic Eco, Wotnot Biodegradeable Nappy bags

Change mats: Mamamats organic change mat, naturebaby organic change pad, my organics sleep natural change mat.


Joonya – Biodegradable and 100% recyclable packaging

Jak Organics: Not all of the Jak wipe products. Only the aqua wipes are the best option. The others contain potassium sorbate.


Luv  me Panda

Wotnot baby wipes- Tocopheryl Acetate is not synthetic. Ive confirmed it it natural which is why it makes my list.

Best supermarket option: Tooshies by Tom – 100% biodegradable and made with organic aloe vera and chamomile to soothe delicate skin. Contain natural essential oils as fragrance which can be irritating to some skin types.


Baby Quaddle Glass with natural rubber year.

Pigeon baby glass bottle

lion and lady


Natural Rubber Soother

Bibs soothers

Cub and bear

Plates and utensils:

Anything stainless steel

Bamboo but check it it’s bound with melamine and if so avoid.

Baby Nappy Balm:

Om made nappy Balm

Melvory bum balm

Natures child Bottom Balm

Bubba organics Lavender Nappy Cream

Baby Wash:

Melvory oatmeal wash

Wild Botanicals Baby Body wash

Bubba Organics Lavender Bath wash

Natures Child Body wash

Four cow farm baby wash

Dr Planet Castile soap unscented

Naturally Goat Kids Goat Milk wash

Ahira Top to toe washing gel


Nipple Balm:

Nature’s Child Nipple balm

Weleda Nipple cream



Weleda Teething powder

Cathay Herbal -Paediatric Teething Formula

Natures Child -Baltic Amber Necklace (Mixed)


Bath toys and Bath Mat:

EveEco Natural Rubber- Dyed with natural dye. Free from plastic, PVC, BPA, EVA Phalates and nitrosamines.

Eco bath toys

Green toys

Havea Natural Rubber

Stainless steel bowls or utensils