Low Tox Gardening

Composting, why aren’t you doing it??

Did you know that composting your food scraps can really improve the carbon -sequestering ability of soil while also preventing more greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. When you send food waste to landfill it emits methane gas. By composting your food you can help reduce this. Rather than generating methane in landfill, the composting process converts organic material into stable soil carbon and makes it available to plants.

Check to see if your council offers a food waste collection service. If you have the space consider a compost bin or a compost cone which is dug into the garden and worms break down the food waste.

For low or no options Bokashi bins are great, they are smaller under bench unit that you spray to break down the matter which is transformed into liquid fertiliser. you empty and pour the liquid on your garden.

Another great option which I am apart of is a community called share waste. It is an app that connects you to a host who will happy accept your food scraps. You make arrangements with the host to drop off your scraps on a regular basis and they use it in their garden compost or worm farm system.