Bringing Home Baby E- Book

Bringing home baby E-Book

In a world where it feels like chemicals are everywhere (and they are). It can be incredibly overwhelming to bring a child home and keep them safe from the array of chemicals present in our everyday lives.


This E-Book empowers you with the knowledge to make better purchases for the baby products you need. It includes a detailed checklist of the very best brands and covers all the basic items you may require for your baby in a less toxic way. This will allow you to create the best possible environment for your precious baby. 


Create a healthy home for your baby right from the start. My 37-page low-tox guide you cannot be without.


Oral Health E-book Starting off on the right path

Oral Health- Starting off on the right path E- Book

What an incredible gift to receive, the gift of good oral health. This E-book has been created to share information about your oral health that your traditional dentist will not tell you. 

It touches on history and how our ancestors ate. Starting out with the best oral care tips for babies and children, the lost vitamins and minerals we all require, changes in your teeth over your lifetime and of course my top recommended brands to help maintain and repair your oral microbiome. 

It all starts here, in the mouth for overall health.


Coming soon

a little less toxic

A Little Less Toxic

This will be an incredible resource to educate and guide you in helping your family avoid/eliminate or reduce exposure to the most common toxins in our children.

Create a healthy home for your baby right from the start. My 37-page low-tox guide you cannot be without.


Reviews From Bringing home baby E- Book-Pre Release

"I have been loving your E-book, it has been so so so helpful during my pregnancy journey! I have printed it out and its actually in such bad shape because of how often I am referring to it while creating my shopping list. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing resource!".
"I've been meaning to write to you.... The E-Book has been so very helpful, such a great one stop shop. I always use it to scroll between your posts and highlights to find certain baby products that I was after, so this is really great to have it all there and so easily accessible".
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