Priority One on One Phone Consultation

Don’t feel left out because I cannot visit you in person. No matter where you are located in the world, we can chat over the phone or via video consultation.

These coaching calls are invaluable. It’s hard to dedicate the time, energy and understanding to complete the research for yourself. So let me do it for you. If I don’t know the answer you can guarantee I won’t stop until I find it.


During the call, we will target your areas of concern, perhaps on one or multiple topics. I’ll provide recommend brand swaps to help you along your journey faster. 


I have been where you are! Feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and at times worried about your confidence in navigating this low-tox space, I hear you!


Consultations can be held for 1 hour or pro rata for the time used. Our discussion will be summarised into a personalised action plan with a customised list of recommended swaps you can look at making to create a healthy home for your family.




Detox your home- Healthy living consultations

When the toxic burden feels like too much. I am offering home visits in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs to completely overhaul your entire home. Do you have a new baby arriving and want to make immediate changes? Are you suffering from chronic health issues and need to rid all chemicals from your life? Or do you wish to create a healthier home for yourself and your family? 


A one-on-one home consultation will empower you with confidence and the right tools to move forward with life a life less toxic. Every home visit will receive a little takeaway gift form me to you. Shhh it’s a surprise!


Zoom consultations are on offer for this service if you live rural, interstate or overseas.

Starting from $300


Fast Track Product Review

Have you ever questioned if a product was safe? or suitable to use on your skin? Often the ingredients on the labels look like a foreign language. Thankfully with many years of dedicated reading and research, this is now my language.

Rather than sitting on my very long review waiting list, be the first in line to find out if your products are safe to use for you and your family. 

Fast-track the wait and have your results back sooner. Be sure to have an image or the product ingredients handy. 



Email Consultation

Do you have a question you may feel is best answered over email? Save yourself the research, the overwhelm and the never-ending search for answers and let me help carry out the hard work for you.  


Minimum cost $100 to answer any query. Time-based quotes will be provided to undertake lengthy research offline. 



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