Low Tox Family

Shoe deodoriser

So simple and easy and a lovely way to freshen up a pair of runners.

Fill shoes with bi carb over the soles. I added

x2 drops tea tree

X2 drops lavender

X2 drops eucalyptus

Left them over night and shake out in the morning.

Keep the bi carb and add it to your cleaning routine like for scrubbing the toilet or whatever you choose.  It still smells amazing and not worthy of throwing out!

Such a simple way to freshen up your shoes and so healthy. No chemical shoe sprays or waiting for shoes to dry if you wash them.

Tea tree- Anti fungal, purifying qualities.

Lavender- Anti microbial and a beautiful refreshing Aroma

Eucalyptus- can help promote clear breathing and open airways along with cleansing surfaces and the air.