Chlorinated Pools

Chlorine Pool Review

Chlorination is the most popular method for disinfecting swimming pool water. It kills pathogens in the water effectively. (DBPs) disinfection by-products are formed when Chlorine interacts with natural organic materials in water. DBPs can be absorbed via the skin, via the mucous membrane, inhaled & swallowed.

Competitive swimmers are the most vulnerable to DBP exposure, due to the intensive time training in swimming pools.

Research has linked early childhood pool exposure to higher rates of eczema, air passageway inflammation and IgE sensitisation to dust mites.

In water, chlorine reacts with perspiration, urine, faecal matter, skin cells, hair & other organic materials to produce chemical byproducts called chloramines. The Journal of Sports Medicine found that swimmers are at a higher risk for bronchial hyperactivity when they are exposed to chloramines.

The eyes and skin are the organs that are more directly affected than the lungs by the irritants in chlorinated water.

Studies have shown that infants (under 2 years) exposed to chlorinated pools have a higher risk of bronchiolitis & increased risks of asthma and allergic sensitisation.

Most studies concern kids who swim regularly. A few visits to the swimming pool aren’t unlikely to cause health problems.

Chlorine is a toxin that impacts every organ system but mostly the immune system & liver. The skin acts like a sponge and the chlorine gas that is released from the water, enters the lungs all too easily and then passes into the bloodstream. After only 40 minutes of swimming, there is an increase in markers for DNA damage.

IF swimming in chlorine:
•Try to choose an outdoor pool or well ventilated indoor space.
•Shower before and after swimming.
•Where a swim cap & goggles
•PANS/PANDAS children exposed to chlorine can often flare symptoms.
•Apply coconut oil or all-natural sunscreen before entering.
•Increase probiotics & enzymes as chlorine kills bacteria–good and bad!
•Use a chlorine filter for home- remove chlorine from your tap water

Open outdoor ocean pools
Mineral pools with ozone water purification
Copper or Silver ionised water pools
UV pool treatment

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