DIY Kids Skincare recipes, Low Tox Gardening

Kids bath Wash/Baby bath wash

When bathing children the hot water opens their pours and they absorb things at a faster rate. it is so important to have a low tox bath wash to ensure your little ones are not absorbing chemicals into their skin.

This is a beautifully gentle wash that you can tailor to suit your child’s skin.


Foaming pump bottle

1/4 cup Approx of castile soap

1 Tbls Carrier oil- Avocado is super nourishing for the skin and beautiful in this DIY, however Sweet almond, jojoba, Apricot kernel or coconut oil would work well too.

Pure Essential oils (Ensure they are therapeutic grade) I use Doterra. Oils such as Lavender, Cedarwood, Balance, Lavender peace would all work beautifully if bathing at night time to wind down. For a newborn 1 drop would be sufficient. Please follow a dilution chart for safety with essential oils.

Cooled Filtered boiled water

Fill your foaming pump bottle about 1/4 way full with the Castile soap, add essential oils and carrier oil. Top the rest of the way up with filtered cooled boiled water.

Shake before use.

This can often last 3-4 weeks for my children. If your worried about it spoiling or if your taking a really long time to use it, just half fill the bottle so your re filling more regularly. It wont last weeks and weeks as it does not contain preservatives.