Say goodbye to plastic pegs

Have you ever grabbed a peg off the line and had it shatter in your hand? Well you are not alone. This has probably happened more times than you care to remember, but think about every peg that has ever broken is still on this earth somewhere smashed into tiny pieces, possibly ingested by a small bird or animal, possibly harming it.

So next time a plastic peg breaks, consider replacing it with a stainless steel set.  They are zero waste, plastic free and will last you a lifetime!

Why Stainless steel pegs are better. They are made of high-quality, stainless steel wire, an incredibly strong material that isn’t easy to bend, let alone break.  Even better, the whole peg is made out of one piece of wire. This means no coming apart between the handles and the wire mechanism.

201 grade stainless steel pegs are suited to normal conditions where they are not constantly exposed to the weather, especially salty air or chemicals.

Be assured that these pegs will still be there when all the wooden and plastic ones are gone, but this 201 stainless steel will rust if exposed to weather for long periods or any salt.

Do not select this grade peg if you leave your pegs on the line OR live within 15km of the ocean

Medium 304 grade stainless steel wire pegs are great pegs that will last longer left outside.

Due to the peg’s nickel content being twice as high as the normal 201 stainless steel pegs, they have a greater corrosion resistance. The lower carbon and manganese content also make them more durable and less prone to rust

These pegs are ok to leave on the line if you live nowhere near salt!  If you have salty breeze, do not leave them on the line as they will be constantly hit by salty air.  They may be ok outside if left in a bucket with holes in the bottom – that way the rain will wash the pegs, and, being inside the bucket they are sheltered from gathering salt from the wind. Alternatively, bring the pegs inside.

Marine 316 grade wire pegs

The toughest steel peg and will last a lifetime no matter where you’re located. They are the best choice if you live near (or on – lucky you) the ocean and want to leave your pegs outside. They will never ever rust and are perfect for boats or coastal use.