Childrens Farm 3-1 Swim Strawberry and Mint

TUESDAY REVIEW- Child’s farm 3-1 strawberry and mint shampoo, conditioner & body wash

The only organic ingredient is the peppermint oil.

🔸Sodium Coco-Sulfate=Sodium Coco Sulfate & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate share the same CAS number. It is a synthetic ingredient used in many personal care products and that it works in a similar manner to, and even contains sodium lauryl sulfate. Companies make it sound better because its thought to come from coconuts- plant derived & natural. There is a lot of debate about the safety issue of sulfates and other synthetic ingredients. Linked to skin sensitivity, allergic reactions, and dermatitis

🔸Cocamidopropyl Betaine= Derived from coconut oil. Cocamidopropyl betaine is a synthetic fatty acid made from coconuts, so products that are considered “natural” can contain this chemical. Allergic reactions may cause sensitisation. The production of this surfactant is a multi-step process where chemicals are added to produce intermediary chemicals. As a result, this cleansing agent may have some contaminants in it. Specifically, 3,3-dimethylaminopropylamine (DMAPA) is a cause for concern even in tiny amounts because it is a sensitiser. Cocamidopropyl betaine has this contaminant, too. It is suggested not to use this ingredient on children or babies.

♦️Parfum (Fragrance)= Individual ingredients are not disclosed. Can have up to 300+ ingredients that companies DO NOT have to disclose. “In some of our products we do use natural essential oils to fragrance the products. However, there are occasions where we use synthetically derived fragrances too, such as the strawberry in our Childs Farm strawberry and mint shampoo. This does not mean that synthetically derived fragrances are harmful and all of our products undergo extensive safety testing to ensure they are suitable for sensitive skin. ”The strawberry scent comes from here.

🔸Lactic Acid = Health Canada only allows concentrations of lactic acid equal to or less than 10%. The EWG rates lactic acid as a moderate hazard. Lactic acid when found in cosmetics is generally synthetic.

🔸Sodium Benzoate = Cannot be naturally derived- Petroleum derived, sodium salt of Benzoic acid. Caution is advised. Contact dermatitis, suspected liver, kidney and neurotoxicity. Suspected skin or sense organ toxicity, nettle rash or hives. Eczema and dermatitis.

🔸Two different preservatives are used.
Sorbic acid
Dehydroacetic acid

🔸Urea = It occurs naturally in urine and some moulds and fungi. Urea is manufactured synthetically by reacting natural gas, atmospheric nitrogen and water together at high temperature and pressure to produce ammonia and carbon dioxide. Child’s Farm specifically say they source natural over synthetic. If this is naturally sourced it’s not a vegan product, if it isn’t naturally sourced, it’s synthetic. Not used in products in Canada. Suspected liver, cardiovascular and neurotoxicity. Skin irritant. Considered safe if used up to 10% in product. Antistatic. Do not use if vegan.

Lots of ingredients I personally wouldn’t choose to use. If you would like some recommendations on a low fragrance and low tox body wash for kids please look at:
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