Air Purifier Review


Before making the investment in choosing an air purifier, it is important to first consider what you want to filter out.

Is it pet dander, moulds, or dust? These mostly settle on surfaces rather than remain in the air and should be cleaned off with a damp Micro fibre cloth. These things will not be collected by an air purifier unless redistributed into their air.
Or perhaps you want to filter things like bacteria, viruses, VOC’S, smoke, pollens or particle matter.

Being aware of what you would specifically like to filter out will help you choose the right filter for your home. Around 98.5% of dust particles are between 0 and 1 micron in size.

Here are some questions to ask when choosing an air purifier:

💨 What do you want to filter out? Airborne pollutants such ad smoke, pollen, dust or viruses and bacteria? Some units filter out pollutants down to 0.1 micron

💨 Choose an appropriate size for the room you wish to use it in. An air purifier usually works by using a fan to draw in air and force it through a set of filters, which trap pollutants.

💨 Plastic units can off gas so consider a metal unit

💨 Consider the cost of replacement filters and how often they need replacing

💨 How noisy is the unit?

💨 Can it run at night?

💨 Running costs?

💨 Are they ozone free?

💨 Ensure it has a HEPA medical grade filter

Brands I recommend:
HealthPro 250
.003 microns $2,400 Which unfortunately is out of most people’s price range. This unit is specifically for viruses and bacteria (Hospital Grade)

Top of the range 0.1 micron 95% 0.3m 99.97%
The Samsung 7500k scored highly however has wifi which I don’t recommend

Mid range. Still a better choice 0.3 micron

These are efficient brands however, I don’t like like the wifi component in these systems and therefore wouldn’t personally recommend them as this isn’t something I would choose.

These models with no wifi would be considered better options.

I always feel some kind of air purifier is better than not having one at all!

Let me know if I have left any great ones out so I can add them.

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