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Do you know what’s in your nappy cream?

SIMPLY TUESDAY REVIEW| SUDOCREM Zinc Oxide= One of safest ingredient to use in a cream according to the EWG- Environmental Working Group.  They class it as a number 2 health hazard. Zinc Oxide is an inorganic oxide used as a colorant and sunscreen agent. Possible human respiratory toxicant- only applicable if in a spray, lotions creams not …

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Why food colouring is a no no

  SIMPLY TUESDAY REVIEW| FOOD COLOURING Queens Blue Food colouring- The addition of colours to food and beverages has been common practice for many centuries. Colours were generally added to serve as a visual cue for quality, to induce the perception of flavour and to meet consumer expectations. The addition of colours to foods and …

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What ingredients really make up Rinse Aid?

SIMPLY TUESDAY REVIEW| FINISH RINSE AID “Save yourself the water, the elbow-grease, and most importantly, the time – because in the end that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?” Finish website 🔹Oxirane= More commonly known as Ethylene oxide. A recognised carcinogen, recognised reproductive toxin. Skin and eye irritatant. Effects on the respiratory, cardiovascular, developmental kidney, …

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Just how bad is your dry shampoo?

SIMPLY TUESDAY REVIEW BATISTE TROPICAL DRY SHAMPOO| Butane= Effects on the nervous system. Hazardous if inhaled in large amounts. Caution advised. Derived from gas and petroleum Isobutane= Best avoided. Effects on the nervous system. Derived from gas and petroleum. Eye, skin and lung irritation. Suspected Neurotoxicity. Propane= Caution advised. Derived from gas and petroleum. Eye, …