đŸ”¹Choline Salicylate 87mg/g (8.7% w/w)= Choline salicylate is an anti-inflammatory pain reliever agent that is related to aspirin. It is used to decrease swelling and to treat mild-moderate pain. Overdosing on Bonjela has been a major concern and the United Kingdom Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) restricted the use of all topical oral choline salicylate gels in children under 16 years of age due to concerns of salicylate toxicity from overuse of the product. Salicylate toxicity is a medical emergency. Intentional ingestion or accidental overdose can cause severe metabolic derangement.

đŸ”¹Contains Ethanol Alcohol = Pure, safe for most people. Maybe sugar cane, grain or petroleum derived. Preservative function. Keeps an emulsion from separating into its oil and liquid components. Functions as an antimicrobial agent.

đŸ”¹Saccharin= Petroleum derived, not assessed for safety in cosmetics. Suspected reproductive and developmental toxicity. Known as a sweet and low- artificial sweetener. Saccharin is a possible human carcinogen and a suspected reproductive and developmental toxicant.

đŸ”¹Contains Cetalkonium Chloride as preservative= Cetalkonium is used as a surfactant, germicide, fungicide, and mildew preventive agent in silicone-based water repellents.

đŸ”¹Most teething gels are full of flavour, potassium sorbate and sweeteners.

Other brands to consider:@weleda Teething gel or powder@teethaukPure pharmaceutical grade essential oils, chamomile, lavender or Copabia depending on how old your baby is.

I’m unsure of the Brauers brand. While homeopathic, it contains a tiny amount of mercury. It is extremely concentrated. One part of mercury has been diluted with 99 parts of water or alcohol.

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