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Cookware Part 2

Before you think yikes, I’m throwing all my pots and pans away, let’s see how to dispose of them correctly. Check with your local council recycling program. Some do accept clean pots, pans and other metal cooking dishes (even with plastic handles) but some will say no ceramics, crockery or Pyrex. If they in good …


Cookware Part 1

This would have to be my most asked question. I knew I would have to complete significant research before I could write a post about it. I have not fully made all the swaps I am recommending below, mostly because I haven’t had the time to research it like I have done now. I’ll try …


Kitchen Swaps to consider

Things to consider in the Kitchen: Swapping out your plastic utensils. Plastic utensils are adding to our ever growing issue with plastic pollution on our planet. plastic utensils are also know to contain phthalates. phthalate are endocrine disruptors. They prevents the body’s endocrine system from secreting and regulating the right amounts of hormones so you …