Air Fryer Review

TUESDAY REVIEW Air fryers & Non-stick coatings.   There are two main causes of concern for nonstock coatings on appliances and cookware, PFOA’s (perfluorooctanoic acid) and overheating. (Teflon is just a brand name) PFOA is a chemical used in the creation of Teflon. PFOA can be carcinogenic and is linked to a number of adverse health …

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Have you ever been Greenwashed?

GREENWASHING is the umbrella term used to describe when a brand makes a misleading claim or inference to a ‘green’ product benefit (such as an environmental, health, or wellbeing benefit). Have you ever heard of words such as: 🍃 All natural 🍃Biodegradable 🍃Eco friendly 🍃Chemical free 🍃Dermatologist recommended 🍃Earth friendly 🍃Extracts 🍃Gentle 🍃Green 🍃Mineral 🍃Herbal …

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Slow Cooker Review

Slow Cooker Review We love them for their ease, the ability to feel like we have dinner under control. The satisfaction of placing everything uncooked in the morning and having dinner ready at night without really having to do much at all. I personally love my slow cooker! Slow cookers most commonly have two types …

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FLUORIDE 97% of the worlds drinking water is NOT fluoridated! Most countries have removed it from their drinking water due to concerns of medical ethics (mass medication) and neurotoxicity. 89% of Australians have access to fluoridated tap water. Once water is fluoridated, it is difficult to control excessive fluoride intake, as people drink different amounts …

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Plastic Free/Low Tox Lunchboxes

PLASTIC FREE/LOW TOX LUNCH BOXES Why I love stainless steel:🔺They are durable, 🔺Environmentally friendly 🔺Long lasting.(can last a lifetime if treated properly) 🔺Less wasteful 🔺Non toxic 🔺Hygienic 🔺Non leaching 🔺Less expensive over time 🔺100% Recyclable I use stainless steel lunchboxes from @aldiaustralia they are on special buys twice a year in the greener range. @targetaus sell a …

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