DIY Laundry powder

Low Tox Laundry Powder-

This is a really important area to consider swapping over as common ingredients in many laundry detergents range from skin or eye irritation to other more serious ailments, such as eczema, rashes, endocrine disruption, lung irritation, optical brighteners and synthetic fragrance. Some of these chemicals are even considered potential carcinogens!


1kg Bi Carb Soda

1kg Lectric soda

2 Tbls On guard cleaner concentrate (Doterra)

1 Cup Salt

20-40 Drops Essential Oils- I love geranium for a really fresh floral scent but others like on guard, lemon, lemongrass, purify.

Mix all ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. There will be some clumps in the mixture. Scoop 2-4 scoops into the washing powder section of your machine.

Another Recipe if you don’t choose to use the on Guard concentrate:

4 cups  Letric soda (washing soda)

4 cups Borax

3 cups  Fine salt

3 cups  Fine soap powder

½ cup Bi Carb Soda

2-3 drops of essential oils (optional, per use) Or you can add 20-40 per batch or you can omit.

You can use pure coconut soap powder, or castile soap powder. If you are buying soap in a block, make sure you mill it to a very fine consistency.

OR if you don’t want to make your own you can purchase pre mixed low tox washing powder from BLANTS online. Its  fragrance free, so great for sensitive skin.