Low tox Cots


The aim here is to try & stick to natural hardwood timbers & minimise or avoid MDF, Plywood, Veneer, engineered Timbers and Pine Timbers as much as possible as they all off gas. Often it’s not the wood, but the glue holding it all together that is the problem. ALL imported timber into Australia is fumigated at its port of origin. Therefore ALL cots should be opened and aired outside (out of the elements) prior to assembly and bringing them inside the home. Off gassing can take weeks or even months, so it’s best to purchase in advance.

My top suggestion Organature is the ONLY cot made in Australia using Australian timber, that isn’t sent overseas for construction!! It’s the BEST choice. Everything after that are “better” choices.

Natural timbers are best, rather than painted cots unless it specifies exactly the type of paint used low VOC water based is best.

FSC certified means the timber is sourced from sustainable forests. ALL companies really should be doing this now and most do.

Natural Timbers can be susceptible to mould. It is recommended to have the timber sealed or treated with a low tox finish. Natural oil is the best low tox seal. LIVOS natural furniture oil seal is recommended.

The mattresses that come with some cots are generally not great unless certified organic with natural filling, not synthetic. See my mattress post for recommended brands.

My recommended brands in order:
Sacred Bundle
Leander cot
IKEA Sniglar
Big W Growtime Lawson
Babyrest Kaya Cot
Adairs Archie Cot
Boori Palm Compact Cot
Cocoon Nest Natural

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