Low Tox Pillows

Pillows emit gasses, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) That is why it’s so important to choose pillows that are free of chemicals given we spend so much time on them.

A pillow filled with synthetic petrochemicals, toxins, allergens, bacteria and other unpleasant matter, can affect many things about your day.

Synthetic pillows are not only bad for your health, they are bad for our environment and never break down. The majority of pillows are made of polyester. Polyester doesn’t breathe well, meaning that you’re more likely to overheat, sweat, and have an unpleasant sleeping experience. Polyester is very attractive to dust mites. Dust mites are not thought to be harmful to our health, however, their poo is linked in multiple clinical journals to asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

As a minimum standard look for
OKEO TEX 100, ideally GOTS certified organic or GOLS organics latex.

Organic cotton, wool, hemp, kapok, natural rubber, buckwheat, millet, and other natural plant based materials are the best options for truly biodegradable, eco friendly pillows.

Here are the best brands I have found:
@pillowrebels kapok
@restorganicpillows organic latex
@thenaturalneddingcompany Buckwheat, wool, organic latex, duck down.
@peacelily Kapok, solid and shredded organic latex,
@organatureaustralia Silk Cotton filling
@BlessedEarth Pure fleece wool
@Aussiewoolcomfort Chemical free wool.
@killapillaaus Wool/organic cotton
@Kapokpillow kapok
zentai Toddler pillow organic latex
@Ergopouch toddler pillow organic cotton
@milariorganics Organic Latex
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