DIY Kids Skincare recipes

Make your own baby wipes

It takes 26 seconds for chemicals to enter our bloodstream. Babies skin is one third thinner and more delicate than adult skin and babies absorb more chemicals from products than adults do.

Making your own baby wipes is not only better for your baby and the environment it has shown to save upwards of $600 per year as opposed to buying store bought wipes.

Store bought baby wipes contain ingredients that would shock parents. I’m sure if you knew, you wouldn’t knowingly wipe petroleum based products, endocrine disrupters, toxic fragrance or formaldehyde (which has been linked to cancer and several short-term health hazards such as skin irritation and allergic reactions) or any other harmful ingredients like preservatives or skin penetration enhancers or products that cause allergic reactions, eczema, hives or contact dermatitis. It’s actually shocking to think most of us don’t know this and we think we are doing the right thing.

If this paragraph was written on the back of the wipes, I’m quite sure you would be placing it back on the shelf.

The great news is here you are making better choices for your children and  your keen to make changes in your house to reduce The toxic load.

This is what you need:

A roll of Viva paper towel. It must be ridged. (Other brands have not worked and tear too easily.)

A large serrated knife for cutting the roll in half or an electric knife works so well.

Approx 1/2 cup Cooled filtered boiled water (ideally) or just boiled water (Eliminates bacteria)

Essential oils of your choice. (Ensure they’re are 100% Pure) I use Doterra tea tree and lavender. If a newborn baby. 1 drop of lavender is fine to start off with and as the baby grows older you can start to add more drops as per appropriate essential oil dilution.

1tbs Fractioned coconut oil or melted solid coconut oil

1tbs Castile soap.

A plastic container big enough to fit 1/2 roll of Viva paper towel. Glass is great or plastic. Must have a seal lock lid.

METHOD: Mix liquids together. Add the half roll of paper towel to the liquid, push down to allow it to soak up the liquid for a minute or so. Pick it up and turn it upside down so the other side can absorb. Once damp, pull out the centre cardboard roll and your first edge will appear. Close the lid and the wipes are done.

You can also use the same liquid recipe to make cloth wipes. Some lovely organic towels, flannel or cloth would be perfect. You may need to use less water, but just add the cloth over the top and allow the material to soak up the liquid. I was my cloth wipes using the clean cloth nappy method.

On e you make them a few times they will become second nature and you won’t look back.