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The best low tox Shampoos


Here is my list of the lowest tox shampoos I have found. I’m sourcing shampoo’s that don’t contain harsh preservatives inc Phenoxyethanol which you know I don’t like. I’ve tried to find as many Australian owned and made that fit into my small category and organic where possible.

Shampoo bars|

I’m yet to try these, BUT from a packaging and environmental perspective 👍🏻 They are also very low waste and low tox.

🇦🇺 @nuebar_australia Solid Shampoo Bar-made in Sydney

🇦🇺 @amorluminis Solid Shampoo Bar- made in WA.

🇦🇺 @vivalabody shampoo bar- made in Darwin Australia

🇦🇺 @urthlyorganics shampoo bar- Australian owned and made in Vic

🇦🇺 @thesourcebulkfoods shampoo bar made from local and IMPORTED ingredients.

Liquid shampoo|

🇦🇺 @byronbayskincare – Australian owned and made.

🇦🇺 BIOLOGIKA- Australian owned and made

🇦🇺 @thesourcebulkfoods bulk Shampoo- lavender and Ylang Ylang. Made in Australia from Local and IMPORTED Ingredients.

🇦🇺 @everescents_organic_haircare- Australian owned and made. Organic and plant based ingredients.


🇦🇺 @bubbaorganics Bubba- lavender and chamomile hair and body wash

🇦🇺 @cherubrubs-Organic Hair and body

🇩🇪 Weleda Baby Calendula wash

🇺🇸 Dr Bronners Dr Bronners 4 In 1 Organic Baby – Unscented Liquid



🇦🇺 808 Dude Shampoo & Body Wash for Teens- Australian made and owned- organic natural ingredients.

I have personally checked all these products ingredients to ensure I’m happy with them. I am sure there are more out there so feel free to send me any to add to this list.

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