Cosmetic Botox Review

Botulinum toxin was first approved in Australia in July 1999 and is currently approved for use in a variety of neuromuscular conditions. It is the most common cosmetic procedure performed world wide. Botox has been available for treatment of a large range of neuromuscular and cosmetic conditions. The drug is administered locally and should not …

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ECZEMA [I am not a medical professional and this content is based on information I have read and researched] Eczema is the most common inflammatory skin disease of childhood. It is typically characterised by an itchy red rash that usually involves the face and skin folds. Today 1 in 5 children and 1 in 2 …

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The best low tox Shampoos

SHAMPOO| Here is my list of the lowest tox shampoos I have found. I’m sourcing shampoo’s that don’t contain harsh preservatives inc Phenoxyethanol which you know I don’t like. I’ve tried to find as many Australian owned and made that fit into my small category and organic where possible. Shampoo bars| I’m yet to try …

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