Organic Care Naturals Tutti Fruity Bubble Bath


Organic Care Naturals Tutti fruity Kids Bubble Bath

*Fragrance= Individual ingredients are not disclosed. It can have up to 300+ ingredients that companies DO NOT have to disclose. Avoid. Synthetic. Harmful to our immune system and nervous system. Allergic reactions. Asthma

*Phenoxyethanol= It’s pretty much the current rage preservative right now. It’s not something new. It was introduced around 1950 and today it can be used in up to 1% of cosmetics worldwide and be deemed safe. The issue is that it can be found in nature, such as green tea, but nowadays the version used in cosmetics is synthetic and this is where the problem lies. The synthetic version can cause irritation to the skin, eyes or lungs. It is absorbed by the skin. Effects from exposure can include eye irritation, headaches, tremors and central nervous system depression. The synthetic version is Petroleum derived and it is best avoided. It is sticky and needs to be used within concentration limitations. It is completely restricted in Japan. 1% concentration limits apply otherwise. Often listed last on a cosmetic due to its small concentration amount.

*Sodium Benzoate= Petroleum derived, sodium salt of Benzoic acid. Caution is advised. Contact dermatitis, suspected liver, kidney and neurotoxicity. Suspected skin or sense organ toxicity, nettle rash or hives. Eczema, dermatitis.

There are several more ingredients I don’t recommend but I wanted to keep the review simple!

Bubble baths seem like a hard one for parents to give up! They are full of ingredients like fragrance, colours and harmful preservatives! The belief that bubbles make us clean is not the case.

Bodies can be nourished and cleaned with gentle non-foaming cleaners and bath washes.

A better option would be:@dindinaturals bubble bath@envirocareearth Bubble Bath@ecostoreau Bubble Bath would be the best supermarket option.

We just don’t use bubbles anymore. Our foaming pump body wash does a great job and the kids enjoy the bubbly texture of the foam to play with in the bath. I found a lot of the DIY bubble baths didn’t last very long, however @drplanetsoap straight in the bath can create a few fun bubbles to start with. Code AMELIA for 10% off

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