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Grief and Loss

Poem – Heart connection

There is nothing pretty about pain, there is nothing pretty about a broken heart. It’s quite astonishing to grow a baby. Until you first see the little bean shaped teddy bear, you don’t quite believe it. The tiny silver flicker galloping loud like a race horse, smaller then a grain of rice. For me it …

Grief and Loss

The Unspoken

Opening the door into grief is never a chosen one. Quite often it falls upon you like a ton of bricks. Death is often a very taboo subject, unspoken, silent and tucked away neatly like a freshly ironed shirt. Some words that were unfortunately spoken to me after Alexander died: “Oh well, you’ll just have …

Low Tox Family

The best low tox Shampoos

SHAMPOO| Here is my list of the lowest tox shampoos I have found. I’m sourcing shampoo’s that don’t contain harsh preservatives inc Phenoxyethanol which you know I don’t like. I’ve tried to find as many Australian owned and made that fit into my small category and organic where possible. Shampoo bars| I’m yet to try …