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House Dust Mites

HOUSE DUST MITES House dust mites are microscopic. You need a 10x magnifying glass to see them. They thrive in humid and damp environments especially those with a humidity over 50%. They live in carpets, mattresses, bed linen, pillows, soft toys, soft window furnishings, upholstered furniture and love warm and moist environments. Their bodies, secretions …

Low Tox Home

Low Tox changes Room by Room

BEDROOM-  Things you can do to turn your bedroom into a healthy, safe place to rest and restore. DECLUTTER ELECTRONICS- Remove ALL electronics. TV, Digital radio, IPhone chargers, Laptops, printers, computers,  Ipads, cordless phones (SO BAD) , electric blankets, light emitting devices. They have been shown to emit high levels of AC magnetic field and/or …